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What Forex Broker to Choose? Or how my balance has gone up from $1,980 to $17,738.

Every trader has had to face this question and surely read forum comments, checked out various dealing centers’ websites and analyzed obtained information more than once. During my trading career I, the author of this blog, have changed about 5 … Continue reading

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Is Forex Exchange Trading for you?

Foreign exchange or even forex currency trading is the way through which people can invest their money. This system works due to day-to-day fluctuations within forex exchange currencies. Whenever, the forex trading system changes, it brings change in the forex … Continue reading

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Online Forex Trading is Indeed a Risky Business

It’s true that every investment is insecure but the chances to lose money in forex trade are even higher. That is why, as soon as you choose to be the part of online forex trading, you have to realize the … Continue reading

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Three Negative Habit that can Effect your Forex Currency Trading Career

Successful forex exchange traders incessantly make efforts to improve their forex trading system and methodology in order to extract more capital from the forex currency markets. Controlling our feelings and mindset is indeed crucial if you want to as a … Continue reading

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What are the Killer Psychological Aspects of a Forex Exchange Trader?

  Let’s talk about the most common mistakes of forex investors that can either prevent them from earning profit or wipe put their entire forex account. The top most killing psychological aspects of forex exchange investor are as follows:   … Continue reading

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What Traders Want to Know about Forex Exchange Rates?

Foreign exchange rates or forex rates actually indicate the value of one currency versus another. For example, the forex rate of two Australian Dollar (AUD) to Euro(EUR) shows that 2 Australian Dollars are equivalent to one Euro. Forex rates are … Continue reading

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