Money makes Money

We are living in a fictional world – in the world where everything is not like as it’s shown on TV, written in newspapers or taught at universities. Each of us is born free but eventually turns to bring himself to the strong, multi-layered cage, taboos and stereotypes. Man tries to get more knowledge to sell more his abilities, time, actually a huge part of his life, often receiving a pittance for that. So hard to find a commensurate job with experience and qualifications, so easy to lose it. The whole life of most people appears to be an endless running around a circle.

Everything we do – is not what we should do. And it comes from our laziness and unwillingness to renounce the usual, inefficient patterns and stereotypes. In fact, we’re all very lazy. It is very easy to do its dull, heavy physical or intellectual work and very hard to look to yourself from other side. If you take a careful look on problem, you may find several decisions how to change your life. One of them is to invest your money.

The goal of this blog is to tell you in simple understandable language how you can make more money from money.

I don’t want to learn you or to give advices. I just want to tell you things that I know. I hope it will help you to learn something new about yourself.

Let’s start.

How does money make money? The simplest answer is investing. You can invest money to yourself (your education, your appearance). Or you can invest money to other people. All these investments are profitable but:

1.       You have to know how to use the results.

2.       You have to wait for them.

That’s why I decided to bring your notice on how to fasten the process of making money.

There are different ways of investing money with a little amount. One of them is to buy and sell currencies. You can sell the currency of your country and buy the currency another one. Also, you can sell and buy currencies of different countries. All these operations you can do from your home or other place, where Internet is available.

How can you do that? It’s very simple. 🙂


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